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Moving back to Mumbai, after your best days as a student, within’ a week I found a job, and started my professional life. It was in a well-known studio, Octavious, in Pali Market. For Rs. 3K a month, I took it up happily. The owner, Nikhil Kapoor gave me the first task to set up the new studio by Octavious with another in-house engineer there. I couldn’t be more overjoyed than to setting up a new studio, wiring it the way I wanted and working with industry talent.

A month and a half later, I gave up.

Roger Waters was playing in Bangalore, I had backstage access, thanks to a friend of mine – Santana Davis who was doing the sound & lights for the show, asked for a 2 days leave over the weekend, had no work in the studio at all. But, Nikhil never allowed me leave! That was the most ridiculous thing in the world! After I returned, he gave me some shit like I wasn’t available for a sudden two hour shift late in the evening when someone walked into the studio and wanted to convert his tracks, hence he felt like I was a liability. He called me over for a joint meeting with his business partners, but before he could explain further I quit.

He thought I was stupid and would learn a lot from him.

It’s hard to take time off when you have exciting days life like mine. I’ve had meetings outside airports, in trains in less than 7 minute commutes, sold goods by lugging around many suitcases on the streets in the Indian summer, travelled dangerously across cities in China thru the night and made friends partying like a rockstar in Hong Kong.

Living abroad, often alone, I decided to start pursuing another hobby. Something I love doing - adding value to other’s lives. I know this may sound like a cliché, but it’s important. I love working with people who love to learn and those who love to teach. Although, often many get attracted to those who fish for them, I feel your life is more meaningful when you know how to fend for yourself. Not just monetarily, but in so many other ways. The more you know, the more valuable you are. But, it’s no use unless you share it largely.

Being an early dropout from well-known American college, a sound engineer in the music business for a few years, then in manufacturing for two and then founding my first startup, a gadget developing company - that is now a self-sustainable, boot strapped and profitable business, there’s a lot I’ve learned by doing wrong & right things, living on the edge, being overwhelmed by small success and learning to overcome failures. Starting up by dropping out of many things and holding on to what I believe is changing the world rapidly, has gained me insights and experiences so enriching, I’m sure there maybe something for you to benefit from in the pursuit of holding onto and following your dreams.

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